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Monday, January 22, 2007

King Teaching King

I loved 2006. It was an amazing year of growth for me.
It was the most radical year of my faith life
that followed the most radical period of my racial identity.
Conflict seemed inevitable.

That Christmas vacation I really struggled with how to identify as both a black person and a Christian. I knew that the debate was not important spiritually, but it was a road block in understanding my place in the world.

My peace was found through justice.
Being black, for me, is not an excitement that I’m a certain pigmentation.
It’s about showing the world I’m 5/5, honoring the legacy of those that never had that choice, and helping others that have not realized their value because of cultural or structural reasons, including the myriad forms of injustice that continue to devalue our community.

As long as I tempered my pride from being a certain race with the knowledge that I am this race for a reason, I knew I was fine. I felt a renewed sense of energy because these two forces don’t conflict; instead, they go hand in hand.

In the end, only one thing changed superficially. I already tried never to deny my blackness or the anti-racism efforts that come with that consciousness despite how awkward that might make interactions. Now, I try to represent my Christianity in that same way to make my identities alive in the most respectful way possible.

Dedicated to a man who realized a Christian movement is a movement with an understanding of love and justice.

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