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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sacrificial Giving: What Are We Doing to Demonstrate Merciful Love and Justice?

"Remember, the true meaning of Christmas is in the giving."

Even when family specials try to inject social consciousness into the season they miss the central theme of Christmas: sacrifice. The nativity is always remembered as a beautiful and poignant scene. Under the innocence of first snow, we remember a child being born. Although that picturesque scene is imagined, we know that Jesus' birth is the beginning of God's most painful contract with us.

Letting Himself be mortal, His death is assured displaying His Justice.
This death allowing humans eternal life demonstrates His Mercy.

Without these two things, Christianity could not operate. God could not fully Love. God could not demand Justice.
With his life and death, they become the same thing.
Love is Justice.
We can love through justice.

It's simple.
Though the world makes it complicated.
How do we find our nativity scene and our cross?
The places that we can show love and justice.
What experiences do we have that would enable us to burn with passion in the name of both causes?

I'm beginning to find my place.
Hopefully, you will see that in my future entries.
As I wrestle with the world, it is nice and, in fact, necessary to have my nativity scene.
Friends giving warm wishes goodbye and embraces with family that collapse time apart when our hearts collide.
His Love is everywhere.

But so is injustice.
And the cross.
To simply indulge in one aspect of God's love is selfish.
In this way, maybe the nativity and the cross make the most sense.
Balancing a desire for Love with the need to spread it through Justice,
We are constantly searching for an Inspired Combination to draw from.

Happy birthday, Jesus.
And thanks.


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