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Sunday, August 20, 2006

JonBenet Rules The World

I'm at a loss for words.
I really think this is the year the world is going to jump the shark.
Watch out for August 22nd.
Well, check BBC rather than CNN.
You might just get more JB coverage as wars and natural disasters continue to rage.
Oh, and minority kids will continue to get abducted too (and be in positions where THEIR coverage could actually save their life. No offense (R.I.P.) JB. I'm definitely buying my kid a plaid hat and some fake blonde locks.

If you couldn't tell from my kneejerk reaction to oppression, I'm back in America.
I think I miss high speed internet more than Israel (for now).

My deodorant was almost deemed explosive on the way out.
I guess Speedstick is doing its job.

I just wanted to drop a note confirming my pulse (or the pulse of a pretender) and assure you new entries will be coming. Still a lot of summer writing to do, but if the world keeps acting ridiculous I might have to cut the transition period short.

Drowning in a sea of (what has to be an increased number of) American flags,


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welcome back! -altaf

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