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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Reason or Faith?

To attack is the first step to liberation
and liberation is greatness.
Seek out the most revered as your targets
climb on their fame,
hijack their pedestals.
To attack is to completely understand the enemy
There is no ignorance spilled on our hands,
reject faith,
accept reason.
The blind cannot lead those who see.
Reasonable men will lead this generation.
Resonable men will never see a taget too big
or one too small
as even a cornerstone can bring a temple down
so can a target the size of a mustard seed.
Attack as if in a furious rage
but keep your mind in a measured calm.
Remember, we have reason.
We have assured victory.

To believe is to submit yourself before something higher
If you value your eyes, ears, legs, and arms
then think before you commit yourself to belief.
We do not value these objects.
We value the courage to do nothing as a sword
swings near your life giving heart.
We value he chivlary to lay down your life as much as we value the generosity to share a meal
with a stranger.
We do not seek glory
in this life
or the next.
We only seek acceptance to something bigger than ourselves,
our homes,
our families,
our nations.
Eyes ablaze, our feet solely move to your rhythym.
You alone do we seek
everything is but the distant stars
in your vast and dark skies.

Faith or Reason?

© 2006 Josh W


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Yo can I make a song out of this?

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