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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Best of the last 528,600

Everyone has their ‘Best of 2006’ lists. FoF is no different.
Great year for movies. Spectacular year for TV. Music struggles.

Top Movies
*The Fountain – Perhaps, the most beautiful film I’ve ever seen. At times, I wanted to close my eyes because I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be seeing what was onscreen. Mind-blowing.
*Dreamgirls – Despite inevitable flaws, this movie soars because its real-life journey to the stage and screen is wrapped up in the scenes and songs.
Little Miss Sunshine – Sincerity and heart can take you a long way. Brilliant performances and an honest film.
Cars - Possibly, my favorite Pixar film. Lasseter is a genius.
Superman Returns – Tackles tough issues that prove CK/Supes’ depth. Stunning visuals.
Glory Road – Had no expectations. Not only does the white coach avoid acting as a savior, but the film also promotes racial justice not just diversity.
The Pursuit of Happyness - Smith knocked it out. It was like my dad was onscreen.
*Apocalypto – Incredibly problematic film. But Gibson and the protagonist delivered cinematically.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest – Better with popcorn. Everyone’s morality has been tested and no one is on solid ground. Yet, we are rooting for all of them. One of the few popular franchise where this is true. That’s why it could still be great.
Lucky # Slevin – Slick. Lucy Liu is my girl. Hartnett and Willis were solid. Underrated.

Honorable Mentions: Akeelah and the Bee – Good: An actor’s film with heart. Bad: Horrible Asian stereotyping while trying to free blacks of their own generalized bondage.
MI:III – J.J. wrote an Invisible Man joke. ‘Nuff said.

Biggest disappointments: Lady in the Water, X-Men 3, Pirates 2 (the potential!), Talledega Nights, Casino Royale (worst of 2006. I know, I’m the 4th person to hate it) Stranger Than Fiction.

Top TV Shows
*The Boondocks (Season 1) – Satire that works! Who knew? ‘Guess’ and the pilot turned me off but the rest was clever and entertaining.
30 Rock (Season 1) – The better SNL show. And one of the best on TV.
Heroes (Season 1) – X-Men revisited. Most improved. A fun ride.
Lost (Seasons 2+3) – J.J. can’t really do wrong in my book.
Six Degrees (Season 1) – Thus, his soapy ‘on hiatus’ show appears on my list.
Veronica Mars (Season 2) – Rob Thomas is a smart man. He rewrote the first season though in his second outing. His wrap up of that is why Season 3 is not listed.
Alias (Season 5) – Again, J.J. Hopefully, Garner will fine work of this caliber again.
Smallville (Season 5) – What can I say? It got good again. R.I.P. Jonathan Kent
Scrubs (Season 5) – Donald Faison deserves the nominations. Moving on.
The Office (Seasons 2+3) – Awkward turtle every two seconds? Sign me up.

Top Music (Not that much for albums these days…but)
Nelly Furtado- Loose - Yes, she changed. No, it’s not for the worst. Reverse Jewel.
Beyonce – B’Day – Most inventive album not produced by Timbaland.
John Mayer – Continuum – He’s trying to be an artist. Kudos.
Keane- Under the Iron Sea – Need to bottle that sound.
Corinne Bailey Rae – Every year deserves an unknown beautiful black starlet. 2006 is no different.
Dreamgirls Soundtrack – The Underdogs are on my radar. Music 101.

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