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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Barbershop of Love

a couple of days ago, i was talking to my friends.

wouldn't it be weird if we just stopped thinking about what God wants us to do with our degrees all the time, and we became barbers and just loved people through cutting hair, talking to them, and building God's church?

there was a weighty silence.

we realized how much more loving and intentional we would be and how much time we waste in this constant game of "what does God want us to do?!" that is predicated on our privilege and our performance.

while we're all still in the game of "discerning God's will for our lives," i think it was an important moment for all of us, for me.

i want to love like it's the present. i don't want "the future" to be my lord. it doesn't love me. heck, it isn't even here and it's not even guaranteed. I want God to be my God. He is present with me. I've heard of his deeds in the past, and I'm trusting in his presence for the future. help me yield to you.

make this process one of growing in obedience, not wasted time.


Blogger Danielle said...

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11:15 PM  
Blogger Joshua said...

i don't. i know people who might know people, if you want me to get you in touch with them. This guy, Chris Hoke, is going next year or the year after, I think. Google Chris Hoke and Tierra Nueva for some info on him. He's awesome. Hope you're doing well!

6:51 PM  

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