Flights of Faith

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


i'm troubled that we say what we want to say at any time, at any cost of meaning. i'm troubled that we don't think thoughts like...

what do these words mean in light of everything else that i believe?
if a Stranger were to come asking good questions, would my words stand at all?
am i speaking for a moment when my words actually have the potential to last a lifetime?

do we use our words falsely, do they constantly betray us?

and what does all this mean if we believe at the end of the day that words have power?

i believe women and men have started movements with their words, i've seen words bring healing of many kinds, i've witnessed words empower others, I think God spoke forth creation with words.

so why would we throw words wantonly or sprinkle our words on wounds hoping that lies or false comfort will heal what we know will take delicate surgery?

what if truth is more like a person, someone we can relate to along our journey? we'll never get truth right exactly but we can commit to sincerity - a practice of speaking as truthfully as we can at our present moment. maybe then, we would speak carefully, out of relationship, as we create worlds with our mouths.

i want the worlds i create to be true, powerful, and full of a jealous and uncompromising love.


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