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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

hunger and thirst

what if god answers dangerous prayers?

i pray to hunger and thirst after you, the Kingdom, and your righteousness.

what does that even mean?

what if we're not even able to comprehend what we'll receive in prayer? what if we just have to trust that it'll be good.

lord, i want to believe you're here. come in my life and change everything. make my life a demonstration of your love, power, and goodness. let my friends and enemies walk in that.

i want to trust you with all of myself - even my imagination. what if even that could be disciplined? what if i prayed to have the strength to love when spat on, punched, looked over, lied about, treated like an object, even killed? i could connect with others then - many who live near death and dying of all sorts. these are the ones you comfort and love, and i want to behold that sort of majesty.

who are your poor? where are they, god? show me my own, poverty. i want to be sent out, but you are a god who shapes and forms - you are a god who prepares. prepare me, lord. though you have no reason, trust that the desire of my heart is to serve you. may that be true.


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i like this.

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