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Monday, May 03, 2010

it's gotta change

i feel there's a trend for those who acknowledge a god today, especially young ones, not to locate God in people, places, or things. a location that would lead to loving service and obedience. scripture speaks of a vision where we are the bondservants of Jesus, we are the stewards of our resources, called to specific cities or towns, and a place where we call our friends brothers and sisters despite their treatment of us. that's not what i see when i survey the landscape. instead of asking God where to locate Him, we tend to pop theologize it and say God is everywhere and then we just go as we please. this is no Gospel. it's confusion and our passions sway our path. individual choice, again, is our idol and we worship at its altar. and we constantly justify that worship as something else. it's a step on a path, i need it for that, i can still find god here. of course, it's all those things. after one chooses that path. we don't have to though; we're not forced. there is something more. where is our discipline? where is our request to be set apart? where is the Spirit. God, help me. God, help us. we need you.


Blogger marilynde said...

Interesting Post. So freewill: gift or curse?
I guess the answer is neither but to 'choose god'?

In my own life, that 'choice' for God is often not clear or distinct. I know that I, and many people and friends I encounter, are a bit oblivious to the choice(s) we make in various situations-- or that we even have choices in some of them. I often don't:
1. Recognize when I have choices.
2. Actually KNOW what I want-- and not just what I "should" do.

Even though both of those things exist, I have to discover them in every situation. It's hard for me to forfeit my own will when each choice arises if I don't know what my own will IS.

Just some thoughts.

3:21 PM  

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