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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Napkin Writings

I write a lot.
Unfortunately, I often do it on napkins and such. This leaves me with the tedious task of collecting and and reviewing my trash when I leave places.


A book fell down from a Borders shelf, and I felt that was significant enough to at least write its name down: The Ghost Road by Pat Baker. Receipt.

A pretty long prayer about forgiveness, healing, and molding. Psalming it, pretty much. Takeout menu.

Lyrics I need to look up: something i can write about something i can cry about; talk to her that's right and you don't have to leave a thing, she threw the dinner at you; and maybe tonight i see your hips on fire, moon is so bright no one can tell us what love brings; actually what is there to allow. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pre-order receipt.

Train observations: fabric handgun shifts to realize the length woman. japanese couple makes out. woman watching them. aiming for them. flicked poles. smart purple tie; oxford. he flicked it. i adjust for others. picking at his cost. I plant. I pivot my feet. my step. two feet. Subway napkin.

Thought was to turn the last one into a poem. You might see it soon.

2 more days. Sermon to the Aboriginal church today... not realy defined. Sigh. I need to stop living on the edge. At least I packed with more than 12 hours to go this time. That was helpful.



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