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Friday, August 03, 2007

That Crew

Reading over that last entry, I definitely did not expect my thoughts to be that confused and almost damaged. You can read it in the "guesses" and the "sortas." I'm getting used to life as an activist, a doer. Gotta make it fit by feeling the pain a little. A dangerous metaphor, but an apt one here.

Anyway, let's make it simple and breakdown the crew. No, THAT crew. Now, I have no problem being THAT crew since my imagination envisions us a tight band of ragtag heroes and sheroes set out to simply make meaningful days.

So, the general.

No restrictions based on any type of identity makeup.
Belief in something.
Diversity. Of anything.

I think this means everyone is still in the game, right?

The specific.

Activists! And lots of them. I want to roll deep with people who want to help change stuff.
A music head! If I could find someone that could find me positive messaged beats and melodies in diff genres and time periods, I would be set! Boogie on down.
Filmmaker or Film Lover! I need some people around me who see life as the movie it could be. Shaky cams, long shots, and SLAMCUT will be regular lingo. And our crew will have its own youtube site, if not a website.
Writer! Necessary. I need someone who loves languages and words and expresses them through poetry, prose, performance, and the like.
Artist! Can someone please explain to me what is going on at that contemporary museum? Can we work together on a banner for the next protest? Can you cartoon out something for a kid's event I'm going to? Please.
Dancer! Ballroom, hip-hip, Flamenco, Salsa, two-step, even square dance. Movers and shakers who unashamedly will bust out the goods with me in the subway on the street or on the dancefloor.
Singer! Raise your voice to the sky and shout out melodically for change. Yes!
Fantasy Buff and Comic Book Kid! Geek out with me at significant dates for us who are still trying to find a closet that'll take us to Narnia or a talking robot who can double for your best friend on jedi missions.
Struggling Intellectual! Admitting you're struggling keeps you from being pretentious! Intellectual means you might be deep!
Theologian! Let's work some things out together. Keep each other on top of things. Be pray partners and the like.

That's the essential list, I think. I'm basically describing my current friends now hoping that I can be around as many of them as possible post-Yale and coalesce into a collective. I'm also describing little bits and parts of me that either drew me to my friends or stirred up inside me as we grew together.

I need to write a short story about this crew. I think I just want to flesh out the activist identities as I've been waiting to get close to some people who specialize in areas where I need growth.

Hmm. NYC keeps popping up in the background...


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