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Saturday, July 07, 2007

I've been writing a lot over at The North Star and sending my QT bible studies to friends instead of posting them on here. That leaves this empty for now, but I have some ideas for the future.

A bit of an update. Australia is great. Combine my two favorite seasons, Fall and Spring and that's what the weather's like. Transformative times.

A few days ago, I went to the Hillsong conference with a few friends to see TD Jakes speak. I wonder if my new Indonesian friend picked that day of the conference because Jakes is African-American. I hope not. Then again, this is the guy that tried to keep hooking me up with (white) Americans at church despite my refusals of "I'm good." And trust me, it's not that I reject them. I reject nationalism in settings like that one. I don't want to bond over the fact that Australia has more American franchises than their own, especially not in a Christian context. Indeed, the Americans were the ones who didn't get my research on Aborigines and thought I was crazy for wanting to help the oppressed and the "least of these."

Anyway, my crew is pretty progressive and at least compassionate towards what I feel is my calling to stand in solidarity with the oppressed. Jakes...what can I say? It was theologically correct minstrelsy. He had some great things to say, but he did not have to bug his eyes, act like a chicken, and make Christ seem less real thanks to his performance. Of course, he ended with 'I Believe I Can Fly.' So frustrasting though since people had a sincere reaction to him. Doesn't mean it's right. But it complicates the manner.

We'll see if I get more insights later this morning.

Also, Venus just won Wimbledon.

Venus: 6 GS (4 W, 2 USO), Serena: 8 GS (3 A, 1 F, 2 W, 2 U). Best active players on the tour. Best in the game currently. And possibly, best of all time. Yes.


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