Flights of Faith

Saturday, May 26, 2007


In Tokyo. Such a cool city. The sky is so awesome right now.
Blurry blue haze kisses the industrialized treetops.
Lot of thoughts racing through my head. For now, I'll just post a couple poems I wrote on the plane.

My Arc

I am bending towards justice
Twisted, my back eases from the wall
It was so easily placed against it.
My body lifts, and I find myself rising.

I is We

I sit, waiting.
I wonder when you will come.
Foolishly, I wonder.
Selfishly, I wait.

I sit, thinking.
I reflect on your goodness and on your grace.
I remember where you are
As I see grace in everything I witness.

Waiting and wondering is how I cope
With my own inaction.
I must start to sway.

Humming, I begin to transpose thoughts from my mind
Into something actual.
The buzz becomes a song as my lips open to worship you.
Bending my knees, I stand up to give you glory.
I stretch towards you.

I take steps. I try to follow a path of righteousness.
Your hands push mine outwards, I see how you are still helping those without you.
Prayer is only the beginning.
My words are spellbound to the act of giving
With bread and Christ, juice and Christ, shelter and Christ, rights and Christ.
Justice and Christ.

Only you lift me up.
Only you nourish me.
I is we.
And we exists because of your sacrifice, your grace.
My legs cross and my back rests, but I am not sitting.


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