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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Reflections, Coming Soon, and Musings


We're approaching FoF's one year anniversary.
Watch out for some reflections as we get close to the date.

I titled this blog Flights of Faith because I was convinced that belief is not a leap. We do not have to touch down again if we do not want to. After confirming a conviction, we only have turbulence mid-air. In many ways, I still believe that. However, there is something about the act of starting that a leap perfectly captures. Compared with leaping, flight has no point mid-journey that could feel like a beginning. Possibly an ascent?

Whatever the case, I realized that faith is a series of escalations in one's flight or longer leaps in one's race. We should never feel complacent and unchallenged. If we do, I feel like we are not listening to God's call as sharply as we should be. Believing is great, but it should compel action and a lifestyle infused with "Sunday praise and obedience" every day of the week.


Coming Soon

This is what you can look forward to if you're a FoF reader

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Starbursts, Skittles, Peppermints, Gumballs. This is my finals diet. Gulp.

I love the smell of Korean food on my breath and clothes every Sunday. With deep breaths, I make communion again.

Being with the light is Godly, but darkness is only another way God convicts our hearts through His absence. Something else that is His.


Anonymous C. said...

Lol... I think I am going to read your page more often, good sir.


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