Flights of Faith

Friday, April 20, 2007


Give me a blank page and let me rage;
Not just for me
But for all those who lost tonight,
Whose struggle was too complicated
Too difficult
And just too unsightly to handle for followers of the Almighty Christ.

Yes, a group that is empowered by the Holiest Being in this universe
Sometimes just gets a bit down
Or, perhaps, too comfortable.
As I write this I understand I’m being unfair,
I am overlooking the weakness of our flesh
and am acting as if communion with God is easy.

Yet, I need to let it out.
I need to scream that inaction is sin.
And not recognizing the least of these
Is not recognizing Christ Himself.

I can’t believe it.
We chose not to help Christ today;
Instead, we decided to favor ourselves:
Fellowship without accountability.

Again, I am the lone radical.
I watch as theology leaps past The Real
As a mandatory, stationary, unmoving
Stake in our hearts.

Now, I believe in its power.
How else would I try to change the world
If not on the strength of the absurd
Or having the courage to be.
But it is so much easier to ignore words on a page
Than death on our streets
That’s why we can’t wait
But we do.

We abandon challenges
We do not trust in God
We seek only spiritual paths that are convenient to our favored lifestyles.
We are so concentrated in focusing on leading the blind
That we mistake our own dim vision
For His clarity.

Yet, we never cherish our glimpses of grace,
Our true vision.
We simply adjust our blindfold
And continue sleeping.

I am stuck in a nightmare
I am reaching out.
Not to be saved
But to save.

My grasp is not enough
Others are falling
I see you sleeping
And I am perplexed at our similar states.
I, conscious of my slumber, continue my efforts.
You, only able to be described as still, are unknown to me.
I await your action;
I pray for you to act.
I give thanks for your presence in my nightmare;
You give me hope.

We are struggling
We are together
We are Christians.


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