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Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday’s Frequently Asked Questions: The Blog

What’s up with the title of the blog and your signature?

Ever since watching Disney’s Peter Pan, I’ve been enamored with flight. Not the “building machinery so your body won’t feel one bit different” type flight. But the gravity defying, no rules explaining, wind hitting your face flying. That’s the one I long for. And since the first “thump” on my floor after an attempt, I’ve been constantly failing. Something about this oppressive scientific principle called gravity makes me want to shake it off and be free. I’ve always had a problem with leaps of faith. Quickly covering your eyes, you momentarily give something up to chance only to immediately plant your feet on the ground. I don’t want a leap. I want a flight. To lift off and land on my own schedule, all the while believing in my abilities. Faith wouldn’t stop me from falling; instead, it would allow me to fly.

Palm Waver is a reference to the crowd when Jesus first came into Jerusalem. Just a reminder that all I am is a palm waver trying to live my life for something much higher than myself. Also a tribute to my status as a Jerusalemite for the summer.

Why did you start the blog?

Last summer, some of my friends asked me to start a blog allowing them to follow my adventures since I easily drift off into M.I.A.’dom. I complied feeling rather presumptuous since my source material was a New Haven summer. I kept it private only allowing that same group to see it. Late this Spring, a lot more people asked me to blog about my experiences in the Middle East. Unlike with New Haven, I felt I had a responsibility to share the everyday happenings that slip through the (enormous) cracks of CNN and the like. I’ve journaled all summer, but I never knew how to start the blog. Almost two months into my trip, ‘Unbreakable’ let out the inspiration I needed to jumpstart this effort.

Most of your posts have been about the Middle East, do you plan to change that when you get back to the States?

Well, I’m convinced I will still be writing about Middle East experiences in October since I started the blog late. I’m not really sure what it will look like after that. I know what I don’t want the blog to be and that’s sufficient for now.

Have a great weekend, folks! I’ll most likely be updating throughout the frame to catch up so check back when you get the chance.


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