Flights of Faith

Monday, December 14, 2009


The lightsaber struck the wall gently, and she laughed quickly. I pulled the blue blade back and then let the furious swings fly. Swoosh. Swoosh. I didn't just stay in place. I ran. I jumped. All across the room. And she watched, smiling. She gave birth to me three years after the Star Wars Saga ended (or so, we thought). I wonder if she ever envisioned this scene. She is my mother. It is a time I remember of her delighting in me. She exuded joy as she watched me. Maybe, it was because I was happy. Maybe, it was because I was healthy. Maybe, it's because I was hers even when doctors told her that possibility was a lie.

Lies. The root of unbelief and the death of faith. She is too unlovable. He is never going to change. They are worth less than us. This God is no good. He does not love us. I am ugly, a failure, too broken for anyone to fix. Lies.

Isn't that how it all started? Maybe, this God was lying to us. Maybe, the apple is better than this garden overrun with security and comfort. Let's take, eat, and let it show us.

Lies are doorways. Delight is an open field. It's the green space we run through or the urban jungle that is our castle. It is the place that stretches before us - that we make home as we journey in its midst.

What can undo the lies? What if we delight in our Creator since it seems creators delight in what they have created? This does not require much effort or even movement. We just settle, we still ourselves, and we rest in the thought, the belief, the knowledge - whatever our stretch lets us reach - that God loves us. We delight in the ways we've seen the power of His resurrected Son help our lives - big or small. We dance or we sing or we draw like someone is watching. Our Creator. A Creator who delights in us. We smile knowing that our Creator remembers what it's like to dance and sing and draw through His Son.

So, Spirit come and be our creativity for small acts of wonder. Spirit come and be our confidence that their is a Loving Creator out there who knows us intimately and who has actually been revealed to us throughout our lives. Spirit come and delight in us as we delight in your activity.


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