Flights of Faith

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All the Seed Does Is Grow

God loves
God protects
God empowers

God takes us out of the miry clay and puts us on a rock
But we must have sight.
We need to know where this God might be, what God might be doing?

We don’t think we’re dirty do we?
Because what if this God is all around us…but in us too?
What if miracles are more than tall tales? What if they originate in us?

Did the twelve, the seventy two
The sent out, just lie to Jesus when they returned?

Or were they loved, protected, empowered to do Jesus’ work?
To preach good news to the poor
To proclaim freedom for the prisoners
And recovery of sight for the blind
To release the oppressed
To proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.

What if it’s all about being reckless and wise?
Knowing this love is something we should protect jealously
Because the question is not will it change the world
But how can we find enough open space, a big enough pot for this mustard seed to grow
Because it is unstoppable.

God, expand our hearts and give that seed a home.


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