Flights of Faith

Friday, August 07, 2009

A Trip, Not a Vacation from the Flight

I'm traveling again.

I landlocked myself last summer because I felt like leaving the states would be escape for me.  It would not be about growth; instead, it would intentionally dizzy myself.  I needed to be steady.  It was a great decision.  I grew my roots.  These roots were tied to my God, my story, my city, and my friends. 

Since then, I've rarely left.  Three or four times, I think.  Things have changed, and I'm ready to fly again.  I'm on a mission in this life that will not be deterred through tourist traps or appetizing attractions.  

My vision for this journey is one of personal growth and casting vision.  I have big dreams and it'll be great for me to sit with them and to see which ones are from God, which ones need his input, and which ones just need to be forgotten.  I hope there are more of the first two types.

Let the Flight continue.


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