Flights of Faith

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Reflections

Today is only good because we have the luxury of knowing the whole story.
Tonight, we've started our own hour. One where darkness does not reign, but one where it's felt.
Tonight, we acknowledge we live in the tension of a world redeemed and a world still under attack.
Yet, God is with us through it all.
Our goal in sharing the story of Jesus' death is not to glorify suffering; instead, we seek to get close to a God who goes low for us. A God who enters our own darkness.
Our goal in sharing our own suffering is not to compare it to Jesus'; instead, we seek to make the connection that Jesus felt our suffering on the cross – whether it was suffering we brought on ourselves or suffering that was thrust open us. Jesus felt it all. Unto death.
Jesus did not discriminate in that suffering.

We hope that sharing stories of suffering will allow us to see the ways that Christ is present with us in our suffering and how God was present with Christ even in the darkest hour.

May we seek His presence together.